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The Spring semester Scholarship Application period has closed. The Fall cycle will open on May 20, 2024, featuring our new scholarship platform. Stay tuned for detailed instructions about how to apply for scholarships, which will be delivered to your yorktech.edu email address.*

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news about improvements to our scholarship cycles to better serve you! Our goal is to make your educational journey more accessible and stress-free, and these changes are designed with you in mind.
Thanks to collaborative efforts with Financial Aid, we’ve streamlined our scholarship application processes, focusing on two strategic scholarship periods: Fall and Spring.

What does this mean for you? It means you’ll receive scholarship award notifications well before the start of the academic term. This will offer you greater financial clarity, reduce the stress associated with education costs, and empower you to make informed decisions about your courses and expenses. It will also allow you to utilize those awards funds for the full academic year. We’re committed to reducing financial barriers and ensuring you have the support you need to succeed.
We’ve provided an updated schedule below, outlining the open application periods and award notification dates.


Achievement Scholarship (Only incoming high school students applying for scholarships for the Fall Semester):

Open Application Period – January 15th – April 12th
Award notification – May 6th – 10th

Fall Cycle (Students applying for scholarships for the Fall Semester):

Open Application Period – May 20th – June 21st
Award notification – July 8th – 12th

Spring Cycle (Students applying for scholarships for the Spring Semester):

Open Application Period – October 1st – November 10th
Award Notification – November 22nd – 28th

For all scholarship related questions, please contact John Cioni jcioni@yorktech.edu

Changes to your general application can be made at any time. New applicants can submit their general application at any time.
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