Mary K. Rowland Memorial Scholarship

Mary K. Rowland Memorial Scholarship

After raising five children, Mary Rowland’s huge heart couldn’t stop trying to help people. While she lived in Alabama, she studied and received her CNA certification. When she moved to South Carolina to be near her beloved sister, she worked other jobs – making Christmas ornaments, working at a gas station café, manufacturing — but was drawn back to her huge heart’s first love, receiving her South Carolina CNA certificate and working at York’s White Oak Manor for several years.

Deciding to teach others how to do the job she loved, she left York’s White Oak Manor and became an Adjunct Instructor at York Technical College from November 9, 2023, through October 31, 2016. She took pictures of every class and told her children about her students and how happy she was when they passed the state test. She was very proud of all of them. If you were her student and bumped into her years later, she may not have been able to remember your name, but she remembered your face and knew she had taught you.

Unfortunately, her go-go-go attitude, love of helping people, and her joy in life weren’t enough to prevent her loss on April 10, 2023. Thus, we establish this scholarship to carry on her legacy for a deserving student in the York Technical College’s Certified Nursing Assistant Program.


Assisting Certified Nursing Assistant students at York Technical College to reach their goal of becoming a CNA and/or continuing a path to other healthcare professions.